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    Astronomers, calibrating the movements of stars on the outer edge of galaxies, were amazed to find stars traveling at speeds similar to stars orbiting the galactic core. The orbital velocities were so great they should have been flung out into galactic space, yet some sort of force holds them in the galaxy. Before the discovery, the prevailing thought was based on what we experience within our solar system. Stellar orbits around the galactic core would take much less time to complete compared to the outer edge. As Mercury’s orbit is far shorter in duration than Neptune. But oddly enough, no matter what size, every galaxy exhibits the same attributes. The math implies, there must be seventy times more gravity surrounding any given galaxy than what we can count causing the phenomenon.

    An elusive and mysterious phenomena called "Missing Mass" or "Dark Matter" surrounds all the studied galaxies and is thought to make up to 70% of the known universe. Yet we can only speculate on the cause of the extra gravity. And if that wasn’t enough, consider this, Dark Matter seems to have an opposite force between the galaxies, a force dubbed "Dark Energy", anti gravity. It seems to push galaxies away from each other at ever increasing speeds, beginning at about five billion years ago, the same time our sun began her nuclear fusions.

genesis of dark matter and dark energy

    Its reasonable to assume that in any given moment, through out the cosmos, photons are intersecting with other photons. A certain percentage of those collisions are at 90°. I would imagine the extreme torque of such a meeting would cause a Photon Interference (PI) Event. The event presents itself as a spherical "warp" in the lattice in Einstein’s Space/Time and temporal space or Time/Space. There are three spatial dimensions within time. The spherical Vortex generates Dark Matter and surrounding Dark Energy field 90° out of phase with each other. The vacuum pulls in all matter up to seventy times the radius of the sphere. The instability between the parallel dimensions of Space/Time and Time/Space reveal a path to the eleventh dimension and connects all subsequent dimensions.

    The M Theory, a super string combo, suggests gravity, or gravitons, have set up permanent residence in dimension eleven. As gravity reaches out to us through each previous dimension its effects are "watered down". Which is why gravity appears so weak buy the time its effects reach our cosmos. The vortex opens a direct link to the eleventh dimension so the the graviton effect is unfiltered, at full strength. The Graviton Interaction event collapses the "Micro Warp Field". It all happens within a nanosecond. A photon will travel about eleven inches in one nanosecond so each PI/GI event then lasts about seven inches. The other four inches belong to the trailing Charged Static Electro Plasma (CSE/P) in the "Photon Temporal Wake". The static electrical charge is the residual energy left by the Graviton Interaction and Vortex collapse.

    As the warp field collapse, the two photons resume the local Space/Time and are sent into their original trajectories. A charged "static" electrical plasma ejects from the recently sealed space at a 45° angle relative to the photons paths of intersection. The Electro-magnetic Plasma Trail (Em/PT) signals the successfully mended "Space/Time Lattice". The plasma trails the photons through the "Temporal Wakes" left by the departing photons onto their next encounter, and so on. The accumulated effects of Photon Interference Graviton Interaction events, from one nanosecond to the next, form an Graviton/Electro-magnetic "Tether", A seven dimensional lattice connecting the entire universe and all eleven dimensions into one super cosmic hyper-grid. I submit, this temporal, gravity and energy interplay is the genesis of both Dark Matter (DM), gravity. And its complimentary opposite, Dark Energy (DE), anti gravity.

    I predict both forces are 90° out of phase with each other, so the Dark Matter Grid exists within and around any given galaxy. Generating a Dark Energy field 90° out of phase with the Dark Energy field, as does electricity and magnetism. The Dark Matter field surrounds the galaxy at seventy times the volume. And the Dark Energy field projects out at 90° away from the galaxy in both poles of north and south, at 25% the size of the Dark Matter Field. I submit the Graviton/Em Vortex (G/Em Vx) and both Dark Matter and Dark Energy fields connect all eleven dimensions and I believe are the source for Time/Space travel. The star ship will be a Time/Space ship and will have at its heart a Graviton/Electro-magnetic (G/Em) Time/Space Warp Drive at both sub light and super luminous speeds. Plus navigable paths of entry and exit points in the cosmic hyper-grid. Navigable warp drive for inter-planetary, inter-stellar and inter-galactic travel. Instantly, from one part of the cosmos to another and back. We have within our grasp the Graviton/Electro-magnetic Time/Space Portal(coming soon) that will open the door to super luminous travel.

when photons collide at 90°
nature abhors the vacuum

    The Temporal Torque is so great that the pair of photons fuse into a single spinning force. Which in turn ruptures the fabric of Einstein’s Space/Time continuum, warping the lattice of Temporal Space or Time/Space, generating a 4D Spherical Vortex. All matter within its grasp, seventy times the radius of the vortex, is drawn in from the present in two directions, the past or future. The spinning photons remain for they are electromagnetic, and not matter.

    The fabric or lattice of Space/Time continues its linear progression around the couples warped embrace, now a vacuum. As the nano second progresses so does the fabric of space-time continue to warp, exponentially. But once the Graviton Interaction "implodes", the shockwave, the effect separates the spin of the photons and whips them onto the journey started long ago. As each set of photons repeat the PI event, the lattice of local space/time is in continual states of rupture and implosion.

    If a set of photons are close enough to the first intersecting pair, they can get caught up in a temporal smear, miss each other and fall into the vortex before its collapse Those photons are lost to the universe of the present, making it appear dimmer than it really is. This lost light ends up either in time past, the beginning of time, or future, the end of time. The spin of each photon determines the path.

    It would seem the photons whose paths have crossed and still exist within our universe could never again communicate with each other. But we will find they not only communicate with each other since the journey began, they form a "Memory Chain", a lattice which links three space dimensions with the three time dimensions, all the way back to the instant of photon creation. The Electro-magnetic Plasma Trail

    Like electricity and magnetism, the PI Event orientates the polarization of time at 90°, in what ever direction you take the measurement. Graviton Interaction creates a critical mass when linear time around the event has "unwound" 70 times the size of the two photons. Lasting 90 percent of one nanosecond. Colliding photons at 13", will warp at 13 times the size, lasting 13 percent of 1 nano second, and time will be polarized at a 13". The "Graviton Interaction" (GI) decreases to zero on either side of 90° as the angle decreases or increases within 7°. All PI Events are a point in a 4-Dimensional cosmic temporal grid. Each point on that grid is an Electro-magnetic depth cue or telegraph by which photons communicate. To navigate the near and far, we must first learn to map the 4D Temporal/Space Grid for the entry and exit points.

infinity define’s time

    Infinity (perfect symmetry) is the pause between each beat, each nanosecond. Time is therefore the beat or center of the pulse. The pause between the pulses becomes more important than the pulse because the pause define’s the pulse. Therefore infinity define’s time.

Brookhaven Intitute mini black hole         See the LA TImes article how Brookhaven Institute Linear Accelerator successfully generated the predicted" mini black hole" with protons and gold particles.

    Dark Matter is the culmination of GPI with Space/Time and Time/Space, expressing itself as an energy exchange in the form of pulses. Light from our local group of galaxies interacts with the neighborhood and forms more dark matter within the group squeezing or displacing the dark energy fields to the outside of our galactic neighborhood. Our connection with the cosmos is a 4 dimensional grid, the great hyper dimensional cosmic communal dance. The negative space is what defines all matter in the universe. Just as the white space on this page define’s the Helvetica font you now read. The Graviton Interactions are the glue that will ultimately close the universe, making her an oscillating cosmos. Graviton Interactions are the brakes that will ultimately slow the expanse of the universe and eventually pull all that energy back together again into what some physicists call "The Big Crunch".

    The theorem also answers the question: "Why is the universe lumpy?". Before photons were set free, the universe was smooth. Space was the same everywhere. As she continued her great inflation, she cooled enough to set the photons free and the universe saw her first light before the Stelliferous Era. Photons collided at 90° and began the process of coagulated space, giving her dimples, areas where matter will later cool and form in. Leaving vast areas of bubble like emptiness, dwarfing the galaxies that exit around its outer edges. The cosmic foam varies in density and temperature.

three experiments and two predictions
that will put the theory to the test

     1: The light of red pulse lasers, aimed at 90° create a PI Event that will draw or attract matter towards the intersection no matter what direction. If lasers are intersected to the left of matter, the material will be attracted left. And visa versa when intersected to the right of matter.

     2: Intersect the light emanating from a pair of blue pulse lasers at 90°. Aimed through two faces of a perfect solid glass cube, preferably into the exact center of the cube. The resulting GE Pulse will attract matter into Time/Space leaving a spherical vacuum where the lasers had intersected. The sphere will be just a little larger than vacuumed material because the DE field will exert a minute pressure or push effect against the glass, leaving a compressed state in the surrounding glass. We will also find the trailing residue of the charged Em/Plasma Trail left in the wake of the exiting photons. There will be no residue found in the paths leading up to the PI Event. The longer the test continues the more pronounced the trail.

     3: Venture down one mile deep into a salt mine and excavate a very large space in the shape of a cube made up of four walls, a ceiling and floor. Now retro fit the walls with full spectrum bulbs, each tuned a specific frequency of our star. Turn all light sources in the off position and take a gravitational reading with a very sensitive gravimeter. Then flood the room with light. Place the instrument near any wall and it will show a small but measurable increase in magnitude. Then compare the wall reading to that of the exact center of the room. The reading will show a dramatic increase in the gravitational field. These results will, forgive the pun, give weight to the theory, Now we must move to the next phase of experiments.

a case for the temporal lensing of time/space

    All stars that produce light exhibit Dark Energy and Dark Matter fields. There is an area around our star in which a tremendous amount of photons, leaving the sun, are intersecting at 90°. A zone we will call the Photon Interference Field (PIF) zone. Temperatures at the solar surface is about ten thousand degrees but the PI Events and the Graviton Interactions are producing a plasma that helps to heat up the Solar Corona to millions of degrees. The Solar Corona is a perfect visualization of the distortion of Space/Time and Time/Space.

    The PIF zone will exhibit a Dark Matter Field pulling effect towards the star and 90° out of phase to that is a Dark Energy Field effect pushing outwards. That zone is a very special place. It creates a slight temporal smear or drag caused by the earth’s magnetic field and spin. PIF is the real cause for the discrepancy in the timing of Mercury’s orbit. Einstein answered the Mercurial problem as gravitational lensing or the bending of light. I submit both DM and DE Fields are actually bending or warping time itself. So we observe Mercury coming into view after we’re supposed to see it and then observe it disappear before the predicted moment. Gravitational lensing is actually a "Temporal Lensing", a distortion of Temporal Space.

    By the time solar photons arrive here on earth, they're traveling in parallel paths. However, photons are bouncing off the earth and a number of them are intersecting at 90° in an earthly PIF zone, exhibiting the same but much weaker push/pull forces when compared to the sun. Its still a force that can be measured and studied. I suspect its the cause of the "Flyby Anomaly" discovered by John D. Anderson and his colleagues at JPL. Evidence of the existence of extremely week Dark Matter and Dark Energy fields. The Dark Matter field has been mistaken for Atmospheric Drag. And the Dark Energy field is the cause of Flyby Acceleration Anomaly.

    There are PIF zones between the stars as well. And I predict it is also the cause for the "Pioneer Anomaly", also discovered by John D Anderson. The velocity of both Pioneer probes 10 & 11 have been decelerating as they leave our solar system. "This drift meant that the craft were experiencing a constant acceleration directed towards the Sun, at a level that is 10 billion times weaker that the Earth’s gravitational pull." Its predicted that both ships will come to a complete stop, relative to the stellar movement, in 10,000 years. The proof will come when the probes pass the PIF zone and will experience an increase in velocity that will exceed. However we've lost communication with both ships. So we must now build ships that will remain in touch as they pass through the PIF zone to test the theory.

time, energy, gravitons
and the inflationary universe

    In an inflationary universe, a portion of the energy that makes up our experience seems to be drawn from nothing. Therefore, our universe is inflating.. we seem to be getting something for nothing. But the math insists, "There's no free ride in our universe!". Then the pay back will come, at the end of the universe or time.

    Gravity appears weaker than the electromagnetic, the force that stops falling objects. But the math insists that gravity should be the dominant force and falling object should break on through. The center of the earth would be the journey's end. The evidence, both mathematical and experimental, implies a certain portion of gravitons are escaping into other "unseen dimensions".

    I submit the extra energy occurs as an exchange when the graviton slips into other dimensions, the act generates a wake or wave at 90°. I submit those other dimensions exist within Time. The three dimensions of Time are past, present and future. Those three dimensions also express themselves in 3 spatial dimensions but that's another thought.

    I'm reasoning the graviton slips into the furthest depths of time. Past or future.. it's up to the graviton. "The payback" will then come as a series of gravity waves which will distort the past and future until they are one. That moment is the end of our universe and the genesis of the the next. We live in an hyper oscillating universe. A continuous expansion and contraction, into a string of unique universes.. ad infinitum.

    We in our Local group of 33 galaxies, including Andromeda, are all speeding ever faster towards something unseen.. it's just over our visual horizon. But the destination has been dubbed by astronomers as "The Great Attractor". Would that wall be made up of gravitons?

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Time, Energy, Gravitons
and the Inflationary Universe

how to hyperVue
an introduction

See the LA TImes article
Brookhaven Institute
Linear Accelerator
successfully generated the
predicted "mini black hole".

artist / philosopher

We begin the great journey
by verifying one postulation:
"Gravity increases with light"

    I, michaelm, am an artist / philosopher, a shesh per ked (Kemetic). For over thirty years, the drive to create four dimensional artwork has led me to an inescapable conclusion of reality. Each time I posed a question and resolved the problem with an answer, it would invariably lead to more questions and answers. Until I came to question the very nature of light, time and space.

    I’m not a mathematician nor a physicist. I’m burdened with dyslexia so I’ve developed techniques which help me compensate but math is forever a jumbled mess. It takes time for me to begin to appreciate the many complexities of various mathematical models. From quantum mechanics to the "Super String" combo, and the "M Theory".

    A little bit of instinct, some common and uncommon sense and visual models, both mental and physical, have lead me into an overview of reality. That if found to be true, will alter the direction of the human experience, right down to the human genome. Its more a theory than philosophy, though at present I have no formula.

    I do have four experiments that will prove the theory either right or wrong. The M theory has yet to produce even one predictable experiment. By that criterion the "michaelm Theory" is more a theory than philosophy. I welcome your construct input and invite those who has been graced with mathematical skills to consider the theory and crunch a few numbers. Please feel free to make first contact: im@michaelmTheory.com artist / philosopher


    One night, while in hypervue, I marveled at the shimmering, four dimensional stereo / subliminal image of Marilyn Monroe (A subliminal self portrait). The 3-D stereo experience is made up of two sets of photons, that intersect on their way to your eyes. An "Photon Interference event" (PI event) exists in a space a little over 90° of the distance between the art and the observer. If an observer stands 12.5 feet away from the image, the 4D Interference Pattern (the middle image) will intersect at a point 18 inches from the observer’s eyes.

    I came to wonder, how many of those photons were actually colliding? And more importantly, what happens? After a little investigation I found the prevailing scientific thought was, "absolutely nothing happens". They somehow pass through each other. However, its been noted, that within the earth’s atmosphere, the event actually generates an expanding spherical a interference pattern outwards in time plus all 3 Dimensions.

    The pattern does’t exist in a vacuum because there is no atmosphere to enable the pattern. Something is definitely happening. The impact of two photons colliding at 180° create so much energy that they either cancel out each other or both turn to matter. That becomes important when confronting collisions at 90°. We need to account for the spherical atmospheric interference patterns. A tremendous release of energy in the form of spin and torque in time and space.

    A brilliant day without sunglasses will make most of us wince, to protect our eyes from the "pressure" of the photons. The double slit experiment illustrates the dual nature of the photon and Einstein’s postulation that light is both a particle and a wave. A single photon will present itself as a single particle traveling through one slit. A single photon also travels through two slits as two sets of waves, complete with a third field or interference patterns.

an InterGalactic tour in 3D

a 4D hyperVue 4DX video
experiment by michaelm

    I have created a Quasi 3D stereo pair from a flat 2D NASA inspired animation video. By off setting the time of each video: the left video is ahead in time from the right by 02 seconds. Essentially placing one eye in the "past" and one in the "present". That disparity is a depth we can perceive within the temporal dimensions of time past and present.

    See this 4DX hyperVue video experiment in 3D stereo, viewer free.. Directions: level your eyes on the experimental video and hold a pencil up, just under the image, and about 8" from your nose. Now look at the tip of the pencil and notice the images above. Don't look back at the monitor, rather keep your eyes on the tip and move the pencil slowly towards or away from you, until you discern 3 images.

    Then notice the one in the middle. The center image will sharpen into a 3D Stereo view.

    The left set of photons are intersecting with the right on their journey to your opposing eyes. That so called "Interference Pattern" actually exists in the space between you and the monitor. Yet you don't see it until you view into "Time/Space.", Einstein's 4rth dimension has 3 dimensions of it's own. And hyperVue is the doorway into Time/Space.

a thought experiment

    A thought experiment.. place a camera on a tripod on a nice sunny winter's day and aim it south in the northern hemisphere (visa vera in the southern) at tree that has many branches and no leaves. And surrounded in either a sea of green grass or snow. Frame both the tree and it's shadow.

    Take a shot every 3 to 5 minutes for 2 hours anytime from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock, preferably 11 to 1. Take any 2 shots, 10 to 20 minutes apart, the earlier shot on your right, and hyperVue the two pictures. You will find the branches you saw skimming on top of the grass, now spread out into the ground into a 3 dimensional reflection. Similar to reflections on water only in time. An illustration for the three dimensions within time and how it manifests time in three dimensions.

couple thoughts

    Einstein mathematically described huge gravitational forces bending the apparent straight line path of light as Gravitational Lensing. He first published in 1905. A generation later, in 1919, his theory of Gravitational Lensing was proven to be correct. Even decades later, his theorem is still being verified by astronomers using the Hubbell Space Telescope (HST). Astronomers have resolved huge arcs of star light near a Galactic Clusters.

    It’s something like the diffraction of light at the bottom of a glass bottle. At times, light from a galaxy was found in arcs, or split into 2 separate points of light, and in a few instances, Einstein’s Cross, into 4 points of light, by the gravity of an intervening galaxy. Until recently, only gravity could bend light.

    But what if the effect was actually caused by a Temporal Smearing? What if the sun is surrounded by both fields. Then we would observe a temporal smearing of say Mercury as it appears from behind the sun before the mathematical prediction. And alternately stays within view after it should have disappeared. We are observing the distortion of space/time through the temporal lens of the DM and DE fields.

    Curious. Today we routinely capture light with fiber optics and bend light at will.

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